Where we were, living in freedom before…  

Hooman, before being locked up…

Hooman, before being locked up… Year 1995

          Then, at the start of our ordeal, and how far we’ve come along to where we are now at the present time. Youthful days and lifelong dreams fleeting away and perishing, while: aging in prison mug-shots.

           How long of an ordeal and what a hard toiling thorny path and testing times we’ve had to face, endure, overcome and put behind us is no secret at all, rather are the main fabric of our very beings’ daily spiritual strivings and transformations that’s simply attesting to and representing our lives’ reality.

           When darkness and oppression encircled us and our surrounding paths, drawing on universal love ever present, to maintain hope and our sanity in order to survive and continue to fight for justice by God’s graceful miracles and guiding-light as our power and means to rise above it all.

           A small selection, reminisce of more than 2 decades at different stages in our lives, growing older, and Hooman languishing, but still persevering behind prison walls stronger than ever.  

     Pre-Trial Heraing, 1994

Trial court Photo early, 1995(1)Trial court Photo early, 1995(2)
Trial court Photo, early 1995                    Trial court Photo, early 1995

immediately after conviction set up and attack on early 1995
Immediately  after conviction, set up and attacked, early 1995

Tuesday August 16, 2016 Hooman on a exercise yard at S.Q. Prison (Death Row).

Sunday May 28, 1995 – یکشنبه ۷ خرداد ١۳۷۴ نخستین زادروز هومن در زندان سن کویین‌تین سن‌فرانسیسکو