Hooman Ashkan Panah

He, who has a why to live; can bear almost anyhow.

Hooman Ashkan Panah


NewlyCase Updated August 10, 2022:

latest filed Briefs submitted by Hooman’s Counsels describing Evidence of Innocence, which 27 years after wrongful imprisonment


Newly Case Updated July 20, 2020


Supporting scientific reports and other legal documents
Artwork by Hooman & New photos


Message for the viewer from Hooman’s mother,

Mehri Monfared

1- Please review the updated February, 2017 “Links” to the scientific reports regarding D.N.A and pathology and other legal documents at the beginning of this website, and in support of its written content herein. (Which were discovered and established more than a decade after Hooman’s wrongful conviction).   

2- It’s understandable that everybody has an opinion or many different ones to provide, which are welcomed. However, it is better if an opinion is based on complete knowledge and even better and wiser when it is formed based on scientific facts rather than personal, emotional biases. Please always strive to remain educated.                                  

Thank you for your care and God Bless.

3- This website is for those concerned human beings seeking the truth which were obscured, largely distorted or otherwise never saw the light of the day during Hooman’s trial, due to the police and the prosecutors’ many cover ups.  

4- If you have nothing new or constructive to comment about, you can join many other media outlets that package, and sell their falsehoods and lies wholesale for distribution to whomever they can easily dupe and continue to mislead with their propagandas.

5- Therefore, this website maintains its rights to remove or delete any falsehoods or hate-filled messages perpetrated.

6- Careless and outlandish remarks don’t necessarily make them fact just because an unidentified person comments about, let alone amounting to what’s legally acceptable as credible or reliable evidence to deserve considerations; which is the sole purpose and function of this website to bring about public awareness to set the record straight and find remedies to injustices incurred by compassionate, high spirited individuals who promote fairness, truth and march for social justice. And please always remember: 
“Knowledge of a part, is still better than the ignorance of the whole!”

May peace, love, long health and freedom be always yours.    


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  1. I remember those days ,and I strongly positive and believed, he was victim of the wrong justice.

  2. I worked at Mervyn’s with Hooman… I know more about this case than anyone! The police never came and asked us workers! I waited they never came. My parents refused to let me get involved… He isn’t innocent I repeat not innocent. I loved Hooman he was my friend. And, that’s what makes this all so hard for me until this day. I still come back and try to figure out why?

  3. Although I don’t believe in capital punishment, I do believe he should stay in prison for his crime. Nobody should take another person’s life. What he did was wrong.

  4. Well I knew him from Mervyns,we went out a few times he had a many girls that he would date. He did have a kinky side to him because he would talk about what he would do to these girls who where in their 20s now I never saw him do drugs he drank like we all did but I don’t see him doing something like THIS. its been a long time I k now that everyone has a difrrnt opinion about this a lot of lifes where ruined and lost. I pray for everyone involved.

  5. If you knew more then anyone why didn’t you come forward, if your parents didn’t let you come forward then they are comitting a crime as well. I worked in shipping and rrceaving at that time. He had a girlfriend at that time.

  6. Hi thea may i ask you how do you know Hoomans not innocent? there are so many errors in this case i wrote to kenneth richey he served 21 years on death row.only to be released 2010 The American judicial system is full of flaws they have got it wrong on so many levels look at how many people have been exhonorated.

  7. Hi Tang it s relatively pretty straight forward This young man has been railroaded by the American judicial system Hooman is the only Iranian on Americas death row if you go onto facebook he has a webpage Free Hooman there are links on there you might find it easier to comprehend hope this helps.
    Hoomans mum is the admin for his page

  8. I lived in LA when the story came out. It was very disturbing that such thing had happened and that under the name of an Iranian. I wasn’t sure what to believe. It is easy to vote guilty or innocent when one makes that determination based on emotions. In this world including the US, it’s not like the innocent has never been convicted or even paid the ultimate price with their life for the incompetence, pre-assumption, deception, conspiracy, or scoring points for a shot at a higher position, among the authorities. This could well be one case or it may turn out not to be. However, DNA is the word of God that puts any assumptions to rest. Why a system that strives or claims to strive for prevalence of justice is so apprehensive to and adamantly against the testing of the DNA so, once and for all, the truth and the undeniable truth come out, is beyond logic.
    To the folks who have a narrow vision to have an opinion based on what they hear, I like to remind them that “you are innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt” and beyond any reasonable doubt means that all channels of assumption of guilt and innocence have been exhausted. You would want that if you were in his position. Wouldn’t you?

  9. I would really love for this guy to be released. I, like several others, have been following this case since day 1! I know the family! I don’t understand how you can say that cops and the everything that they found was wrong! I can understand that you don’t want to face the facts that someone you know and love is a monster, but the fact is that its true! So, release him or don’t… but, he’s gunna get what’s coming to him!

  10. The police searched his house with dogs 4 times and found nothing. Then after he was arrested and In jail, they searched for the fifth time, and NOW they found a body. They took the body out and laid it on his bed, contaminating The Whole scene.
    Last person seen with Nicole was mr seyhoon carrying a suit case. He was shot to death 3 months later
    Oh the best part, Hooman DNA was not found on any part of the victim.

  11. I just came across this case. Interesting details, if he is truly innocent, may he be exonerated and freed. I am wondering if a tape was ever recovered from the recorder? There seems to be no mention of it except for this snipit ” Detective Navarro and other officers searched defendant’s apartment for Nicole but did not find her. In defendant’s bedroom, Detective Navarro observed a video camera set up with a video machine. The video camera was pointing toward the bed. Detective
    Navarro ended the search and secured the location so he could obtain a search warrant.” It can possibly prove his innocence.

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