Hooman Ashkan Panah

1)“He, who has a why to “Live”, can bear almost Any how”.
2) A spiritual Human being is not ”a caged bird singing”, but rather a devotee on a journey starting from deep within, in search of the rising sun, so that the ultimate truth shall forever prevail!
3) I am a believer that: “Truth” can withstand investigation and the test of time; dispelling the Conjectured theories of: The fools, the biased or the misguided. (Hooman July 17, 2014)
4) “Pease if possible, truth at all costs”. (Nelson Mandela)
5) Nearly twenty one years of crime/free and violence/free incarceration under the harshest conditions and environments surrounded by killers and oppressing authorities suffices to attest to and speak of my life style and character; as the core of my beliefs and peaceful being. (Hooman Apr 14, 2014)
6) Hooman’s well wishes to humanity and especially his kind supporters: To Live, to Love, to Learn, in Peace, Good Health, Sound Mind; and Prosperously while awakening to, achieving and continuously Improving and progressing through your life’s path in: Spirituality and divine consciousness!!! (Hooman Ashkan Panah) Hooman’s symbolic painting: Envisioning his freedom.

The Dream Of Freedom! 

Dreaming of freedom1 Dreaming of freedom2 Dreaming of freedom3 Dreaming of freedom4 Dreaming of freedom5

!رویای آزادی

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